Samsung's Funny Robot To Test Strength Of Smartphones-

What a better way to test the robustness of the smartphones than by using a butt shaped robot?Samsungs uses this technique to test its Galaxy Note 4... Our mobile phones are very often subject to many different types of stresses like [...]

E-Delicious: A Taster Robot To Test The Flavors Of Thai Cuisine-1

Indeed a smart move, instead of sending a food taster to evaluate the dishes of master chefs, soon robots will be used for the purpose. You may laugh but Thais have developed the "e-delicious, a system for analysis of flavors". The [...]

Boris: A Robot That Can Clear The Table And Fill Dishwater For you-2

The robot that everyone was waiting for has arrived. Boris takes care of one of the most hated of all household tasks. This experimental robot will clear the table and fill the dishwasher for you. This robot is able to fill [...]

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