22 Sublime And Unusual Hotels That Will Make You Dreaming-10

There are many unusual places around the world where you can spend the night. You have a really wide choices hotels like ice hotel etc. We offers you a selection of 22 hotels out of the ordinary that will make you dream. [...]

A Chinese Man Makes A Mechanical Horse To Walk In The Street-

While most people travel by car, on foot or by bus, a man in China has invented an amazing vehicle. Straight out of his imagination, he built a horse robot that works on oil and can be used to move around [...]

Amazing Bird Models Made Using Simple LEGO Bricks-9

Tom is a great bird enthusiast, so much so, that he creates some of the incredible LEGO replicas of these birds. We share with you these beautiful creations :) Poulsom Tom is an avid gardener and loves the birds. For some time, [...]

17 Hilarious Animals Making Fun Like Humans-

They are hairy and they walk on four legs, Yet they are already there to challenge you in the street and to ask you something. We share with you 17 animals that are firmly convinced of being human. Discover without [...]

A Crazy Fan Of X-Men Invents A Portable Flamethrower To Mimic Pyro-1

If you ever dreamt of shooting the flames from your hands one day, this video may interest you a lot ;) Known for his crazy inventions, British inventor has made a portable flamethrower to mimic the powers of Pyro, the character [...]

An Unusual Owl Bar Where You can Drink Coffee While Cuddling Owls-1

Very strange cafes have been opened in several Japanese cities. After cat bars, a new concept emerged: Owl bars! We make you discover an owl bar where you can have a coffee while cuddling these adorable owls. We are familiar with [...]

Top 22 Funny Photos Of Sportsmen Taken At Worst Time-

Seen in action, the top athletes look very focussed and concentrated to give best performance. However, if these photos are taken at worst time with their faces distorted by the extraordinary effort they are putting in their performance, this often [...]

Nagoro: An Unusual Japanese Village Mostly Inhabited By Dolls-

In Japan, there is an intriguing village for all those tourists who are always in search of unusual and strange places. Because it is inhabited by a Japanese woman who is repopulating the village for the last 10 years, using cloth dolls [...]

Animals Of Savannah In Paris Metro-4

Attention animals invade the Paris Metro! Two photographers, Clarisse and Thomas, imagine what would have happened if animals of Savannah had invaded Paris Subway. A funny and touching montages where animals and humans live in perfect harmony! "AniMétro" is an idea [...]

10 Unique Sculptures Made Of Delicious Food That Will Make Your Mouth Water-7

Even if their mothers always told them never to play with food, some of these artists have truly created some of the most incredible sculptures from food! We present to you a list of amazing creations that will make your mouth [...]

Reverse Tokyo: Imagine A World Where Everything Is Walking Reverse Except You-7

An artist has created a stunning concept: he moved backwards while walking in the streets of Tokyo and captured it on video. Then he reversed the video to give the impression that he was the only one to advance properly. The [...]

Fresh Guacamole: The Shortest Animated Film Ever To Be Nominated For Oscar-4

Here is the shortest movie ever to be presented at the Oscar 2013! Directed by PES artist, director of experimental video where he explains to us how to make a delicious guacamole. He uses some unusual objects as an ingredient! Remember all [...]

14 Majestic Bathrooms From Around The World -2

The concept of bathroom originated in nineteenth century with the onset of warmer waters. Since, then it has become a real source of inspiration for art. Discover a compilation of 14 majestic bathrooms that will blow your eyes! A rich and [...]

A Futuristic Pool Can be Made To Appear And Disappear-2

An Israeli company had this innovative idea of ​​designing a "magical" pool that appears and disappears according to your desires. We make you discover this amazing futuristic construction! The israeli based company, Agor Creative Engineering had this cool idea to have a pool [...]

A Tiny Irridescent Sea Sapphire-3

Nature is full of many small wonders. Sapphirina, is a strange little crustacean or sea sapphire that measures only a few millimeters and whose skin shines like a jewel. We make you discover this mysterious iridescent creature! Kaj Maney is an [...]

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