80% Americans Will Become Poor

An American Press Agency has just rung the alarm bells! According to the results of a survey, 80% of people in the United States live in poverty. We explain to you this phenomenon in detail. The agency Associated Press has revealed some very [...]

Pillcam-Swallow A Pill With A Miniature camera To Avoid Colonoscopy-2

With the advent of PillCam, the traditional colonoscopies are fast disappearing. PillCam is a small pill with a miniature camera that can be swallowed to see the real time video and photos from your gut. We present to you this miniature medical gadget [...]

Miners in Pittston, PA-Child Labourers-

Nowadays, the working conditions in the developed countries are very different from that of twentieth century. In addition to that, the child labour was also subjected to these painful working conditions. Lewis has compiled these series of shocking photographs showing the [...]

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