18 Most Sublime Spas Where You Would Love To Relax-14

Spas are already a very relaxing place. But when they are located in the heart of beautiful landscapes, they simply become magical. Who has not dreamed of lounging in a hot water bath in the middle of a beautiful snowy mountains or [...]

Cities Of The World From Eyes OF The ISS Astronauts-3

From Japan to Europe, passing by San Francisco, this video shows the amazing spectacle the astronauts see who are living in the International Space Station (ISS). ISS is located at the altitude of 350 km above surface of the earth. Embark [...]

Discover The Most Beautiful Landscapes Of Vietnam In 3 Minutes Video-

Gabriel is a filmmaker who travels around the world whenever he gets a chance. In this video, he offers us wonderful images of Vietnam that capture the beauty of landscapes and people. A fantastic way to escape from hassles of everyday life. [...]

Discover The Most Beautiful Landscapes Of New Zealand (Time-Lapse Video)-10

A filmmaker, fascinated by the beauty of our planet, has made this sumptuous time-lapse video that perfectly highlights the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand. Take time to escape from daily life for a moment with this short film. Martin Heck is a [...]

DIRISOLAR: A Futuristic Solar Powered Airship For The Family-2

A French company has embarked on a crazy adventure: they acclaim to reinvent the airships using an innovative shape and only using solar energy to power it! We make you discover this futuristic green concept! For years,  Philippe Tixier has been passionate about [...]

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