GuardBot- A Spherical Robot Comfortable Both On Land And Water-4

Building an explorer robot is good, but making a robot that is almost able to move anywhere is even better. To achieve this, GuardBot has an unusual form: it is a sphere that rolls! Equally at home on land and in the [...]

Discover This Unconventional Piano To Compose Melodies By Dragging And Vibrating Your Fingers-6

The Seaboard Grand keyboard is a revolutionary musical instrument. This impressive technology allows you to perfectly reproduce the sounds of many instruments. The result is amazing. We make you discover a piano like no other.In 2009, Roland Lamb, who was studying design [...]

Give Your Eyes To Blind And Visually Impaired Using This Extraordinary iPhone App-3

A smartphone application to help blind and visually impaired promises a new way of convenience for them! With this application, it is possible to offer your service of your eyes, for a moment, to a blind using your phone iPhone. You will [...]

A Revolutionary Device That Relieves Anxiety Of Blood Donation-3

Till this day, no treatment or synthetic drug has been able to replace the vital blood tests. Take the example of France, where blood donations alone save the lives of 1 million people each year. However, a number of donors do [...]

Visually Impaired Can Now Feel Their Memories Thanks To 3D Printing of Pirate 3D-1

Pirate3D, a company, has devised an innovative way for the blind people to enjoy a photograph. In fact, they have used a 3D printer to turn a photograph into a scene of apparent life! We tell you more about this touching, [...]

This New London Tube Features Will Surely Blow Your Mind-3

In London, the first images of the new metro trains have been unveiled. This new futuristic version of trains will hit the london rail track from 2022 and are planned to reamain in service for the next forty years. Good news for [...]

3D Printing Helps Neurosurgeons Perform Life Saving Surgery-2

The medical community is one of the first to benefit from the advances in science, and it seems that 3D printing has found a new type of application. With this technology, neurosurgeons were able to replicate the brain of 5 [...]

Scribble Pen: An Amazing Pen That Lets You Capture All The Colors Of Nature-4

It is now possible to capture any color of nature with this smart pen called Scribble Pen! With a sensor, it is able to detect more than 16 million different colors instantly and is able accurately reproduce the chosen color. Discover right [...]

Chocolate Copter: A Geek Makes A Real Drone From Chocolate-2

What if you were served a drone with the tea? This is now possible thanks to a geek who has both a taste for the chocolate and an obsession with drones. Thats why, she has developed a drone made entirely of [...]

6 New Stunning Military Technologies That Are Already A Reality-

The military technology has always been evolving over time and many times these technological innovations were later used for civilian applications. We present to you six stunning military inventions that you would not believe. 1. CornerShot   CornerShot is a weapon developed [...]

A DIY Mechanical Robotic Arm That Can Draw You Favourite Drawings-2

Engineers have developed a very unique robot that turns out to be much more talented in drawing as compared to most of us. Indeed, it is a robot whose drawing skills will make most of us Jealous.  The TRS Drawbot is a drawing [...]

Subwing: A Board That Gives You Sensation Of Flying Underwater-1

With summer already  here, many would want to enjoy boating season! The Subwing is a diving equipment that will provide you a good dose of adrenaline by giving you the sensation of flying under the water surface. We tell you more [...]

A LEGO Passionate Reproduces Amazing Models Of Everyday Objects-8

Chris used the famous LEGO to reconstruct the minimalist models of all sorts of everyday objects. Spaceships to food and technological devices, we share with you a range of these amazing  creations! Chris McVeigh  is an English artist who has a passion for LEGO! Using [...]

Technological Relics Of Our Past Revisited-11

With this series of photographs "Relics of Technology," Jim captures a collection of technological objects that have now become obsolete. These photographs may make some of us nostalgic while through them others may discover the stages in the evolution of [...]

Augmented Reality Makes The Life Of Alzheimer Patients More Joyful-4

Alzheimer and dementia are two serious diseases that affect older people worldwide. While these disease are still Waiting for a cure, an Australian company is using augmented reality to make the daily life of patients more enjoyable patients. We tell you all about this [...]

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