A New Tattoo Based Technology To Secure Your iPhone Data-1

To effectively secure your smartphone data in case of loss or theft is rather a complicated task. Researchers have now found a way to make your phone inaccesible when it falls into the wrong hands: a tattoo stuck on your wrist! [...]

Fascinating Video Reveals Tattoo Making Close-up-

Tattooing is an often a misunderstood art. A Parisian tattooist has made a slow motion film of the tattoo making process to make us understand the minute details of this art. We make you discover this mesmerizing video. This video has [...]

1st 3D Printed tattoo

Tattoos are not a new concept as far as the history of humanity is concerned. In the early ages, very skilled people were used to carve these tattoos on the skin. Now, the technology has reached a stage where there [...]

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