surveillance robots

MIT Robot To Fight Against Smuggling-1

MIT researchers in Boston have developped a submersible oval robot which is capable of performing underwater ultrasound tests to inspect smuggling ships. This innovative robot was presented last week at the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems. This small [...]

HARB: A US Military Surveillance Robot That Moves By Rolling Like A Football-

This robot looks like a football but is not one. Its name is HARB which stands for Highly Adaptable Robotic Vehicle. It is one of those surveillance robots that move by rolling themselves. Designed for the military, the HARB may also be useful [...]

Micro Tactical Ground Robots Of Israeli Army Explore Tunnels In Gaza-3

The Israeli army is using crawler robots for the exploration of the maze of underground tunnels used by Hamas. By using robots, Israelis reduce the risk of casualties. One objective of the Israeli Army is to destroy all these tunnels built by [...]

Robot LittleDog By Boston Dynamics 1

Although some robots may look terrifying at first sight, this particular robot has harmless rather innocent look. Yet this small quadruped creature is not intimidated by the obstacles that come in its way. Discover some of the impressive capabilities of this robot.  [...]

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