street art

Top 15 3D-Drawing Illusions That Will Spin Your Head Between Reality And Illusion-13

Max and Joe transform the ground with their 3D creations, resulting in impressive optical illusions. We share with you these wonderful works that these two artists materialize only using a few pencil strokes. Simply amazing!   Urban art, or "Street Art" is [...]

A Street Artist Makes A Series Of Mesmerizing Drawings Using Colored Sand-4

An artist adorns the streets of several cities with huge drawings of colored sand. We make you discover these incredible and rather hypnotics artworks. Since 2006, Joe Mangrum, has been adorning the streets of New York, Chicago and San Francisco with fabulous [...]

An Abandoned Flemish City Becomes A Giant Canvas Dedicated To Street Art (Photo Gallery)-14

Belgium has a strange abandoned village dedicated to street art. A photographer has immersed himself in the heart of this giant, open-air and sublime street canvas. We make you discover this absolutely amazing ghost town through these photographs. Due to its proximity [...]


Finally, the technology is transforming the Street Art. We present to you a new kind of street art that is invisible to the naked eye and appears only when it rains or when it is sprayed with water! The hydrophobic [...]

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