Strange Places

Great Blue Hole-This Vast Oceanic Trench That Attracts Divers From Around The World--1

Nature has the extraordinary ability to craft incredible shapes over time. This is the case off Central America, where we have the Great Blue Hole, a cavity formed by erosion. We present this magnificent geological formation. The Great Blue Hole [...]

12 Most Creepy Abandoned Hotels For Lovers Of Abandoned Places-11

Many photographers are attracted by the abandoned places as they have to offer us distressing, as well as, fascinating images. Having dedicated an article to abandoned places, now we are going to take you on a journey to 12 most [...]

Top 14 Creepy Monuments Erected With Human Bones And Skulls-4

It may seem surprising to you but there are buildings which were built exclusively using human bones. These buildings, built mainly for the religious purposes, have made the human bones a part of the architectural style. The style may be [...]

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