MUNICH 1972-Top 16 Haunting Photos Of Abandoned Olympic Venues-9

The Sochi Winter Olympic Games 2014 have cost 36 billion Euros to Russia. So, they costed more than the cost of all Winter Olympics combined since their inception. An amount that is 10 times the budget of Albania and Moldova [...]

Top 10 Odd Looking Aircrafts That Could Fly-9

Since the advent of aviation industry in the early 2oth century, the engineers have continuously pushed the boundaries of technology to design and develop more efficient and fast aircrafts. Some of those aircrafts looked bizarre but despite that they were able to [...]

RoboEarth: Robots Can Now Share Experience And Learn To Do New Tasks-

RoboEarth is European collaborative project where different robots can exchange information and increase their knowledge to do the desired tasks.  RoboEarth is a collaboration between six European research institutes, including the University of Technology Eindhoven, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, the Technical University [...]

Guillaume Ducreux-Discover The Magnificent Beauty Of An Abandoned Palace-2

In the horror movies we have often see abandoned castles, often inhabited by the evil spirits. Well, a photographer has overcome all his internal fears to discover this majestic abandoned palace in France on the frontier with Belgium.  This French [...]

A Fan Of Star Trek Spends $30,000 Transform Her Apartment Into A Star Trek Ship-3

For more than five decades, the Star Trek has been generating the wildest and most fanatic passions among the follower of this series. A fan of the series decided to completely redecorate her apartment in the colors of Star Trek. [...]

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