still life photographers

People With All Their Belongings 8

Our belongings reflect what we are. This is this artist wanted to show us by posing different people with all they own in order to develop their psychological portraits.  Sannah Kvist  is a young Swedish photographer. She has made a series of [...]

Animal face over a man  body.

Sometime things in reality are not the same as we perceive them. Photographic illusion is the coincidence between the time when photograher captures the photo and the timing of the scene. Hence, we get a different and strange perception of [...]

Picture 2: The Breathtaking Beauty Of Dubai In Clouds

Have you ever fantasized how would it feel to take the photos of Dubai in clouds from 85th floor of a huge skyscraper? Well you have opportunity to see those dreamlike photos in which fantasy is intertwined with reality. Sebastian Opitz is [...]

The Beautiful Insects

With advent of macroscopic photography it has become possible to go even deeper into the mysterious and fascinating world of insects, and appreciate its beauty. Have you ever wondered how many eyes a spider has or how is the body [...]

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