Future Smartphone Screens Will Be Inspired By Vegetable Leaves And Cobwebs-

Nature has often inspired the creations of man. Today these are spiders and their webs that have particularly stirred the curiosity of a team of researchers. These physicists are expecting to improve the smartphone screens or renewable energy devices using resistance and [...]

Inspired From Spider Legs Scientists Develop A High Precision Sound Sensor-

A team of researchers at the Korean National University has designed a high performance miniature sound sensor inspired from the sensory system of spider legs. This innovation can have have many promising applications like voice recognition, heart rhythm detection or earthquakes. [...]

Scientists Have Finally Managed To Produce Synthetic Spider Silk-3

The spider silk is stronger than steel and just as flexible as rubber. The combination of these two features makes it an important fiber. Recently, a German company has found the secret to make the spider silk synthetically. We tell you [...]

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