Space exploration

BioSuit: A Revolutionary Skin Tight Space Suit For Astronauts To Move Easily-

Scientists have taken a big step forward in the field of textiles. They have developed the BioSuit which is a new generation of space suit made up of smart material. More convenient and lightweight, it can help astronauts to move in [...]

Cities Of The World From Eyes OF The ISS Astronauts-3

From Japan to Europe, passing by San Francisco, this video shows the amazing spectacle the astronauts see who are living in the International Space Station (ISS). ISS is located at the altitude of 350 km above surface of the earth. Embark [...]

3D Printing Technology For Astronauts To Easily Make Fresh Pizzas In Space (Video)-

The space missions for the astronauts often last many days. Not to mention the astronauts who have to spend months in the space stations. During the stay astronauts eat specialized foods and it is difficult to have hand cooked food. [...]

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