Amazing Video Makes Us Travel In Universe To Show Our Position In Vast Space-11

It is very difficult to realize the vastness of the universe and to help us, scientists have made a video using all the scientific information known to date by the man. Using different scales, it explains very clearly the huge [...]

Using This Bracelets Nostalgic Astronauts Can Take Earth Smells To Space-

With the revolutionary bracelet "Senti8", now it is possible to take your favorite smells with you. Even it is possible to take them with you to the space.  Keep your favorite smells with you and take them to infinity and [...]

ConnectX Wants To Put Cloud Computing Servers In space

North American startup ConnectX has undertaken an ambitious project. The company wants to install computer servers in orbit as a constellation of miniature satellites that will serve as a cloud computing platform, dedicated to big data. And, to improve the efficiency of transmission of [...]

Build Yourself A Planet Observation Telescope With A Single Camera-1

Did you ever think that it is possible to detect planets outside our solar system using a single camera? Yet an American astronomy enthusiast has shown that it is not necessary to invest all your fortune in an expensive telescope to [...]

NASA Unveils The Chilling Recordings Of The Universe Sounds-

The vastness of space has always been a source of fascination for human beings.  NASA has recently released recordings of  the sounds produced by electromagnetic waves in space. And these are not the sound effects of the horror movies that you [...]

How Daily Simple Tasks Become Difficult For The Astronauts On Space Stations-1

While staying in the space the living experiences of the astronauts are no doubt extraordinary. Every activity that looks banal in everyday becomes an extraordinary event in space. Discover how these people manage everyday task once out of the Earth. 1. [...]

Experience Of World's Highest Jump As If You Were There -5

You would have probably heard of Felix's record for the highest parachute jump as he dived from a stratospheric balloon at more than 36 km altitude in 2012. Today, new images of this extreme performance have been unveiled! We make you [...]

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