South Korea

DOT: World's First Braille Smartwatch Lets Blind Read e-Books, Messages And Take Directions-

World's first Braille smartwatch 'Dot' has been designed by the South Korean engineers. This watch includes bumps that change their position up and down to make different patterns for different words that can be read by blind just like a [...]

South Korea To Launch World's First 5G Networks By 2020-

While 4G is not yet really deployed everywhere, the big telecom companies are already thinking about the future. And it is nothing surprising as why to wait for years to reflect upon the future technologies in the telecommunication? Several countries or groups [...]

The Sun Cruise Hotel Built As A Luxury Boat © Photo news.

No, this is not a cruise ship that was  found above the rocks after a violent storm!!! In fact, this luxury boat is nothing more than a hotel, that is built in a particular way at a particular place. If you [...]

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