Samsung Smart watch

"Android wear" is a new OS platform, developed by Google for Samsung's new smart watch "Gear Live". The same design theme as in Gear 2 has been used in Gear Live; it is far more than a jewelry or a [...]

make your watch a smartwatch

A gadget named Glance has been introduced that can turn an ordinary watch into a smartwatch. It only costs 40 Euros and slides on the straps of the ordinary watch. It can connect with smartphone, notify you about incoming calls and [...]

smartwatch by samsung

Samsung has patented a wristwatch that can be controlled using gestures. You even need not bother for the touch screen now. The depth sensor actually tells where the user is pointing and orientation sensors are used to open the watch with [...]

smart watch

Apple, Google and Samsung are rumored to be in competition to make the next generation of smart watches. However, there is another company, South Koran giant LG electronics that also wants to grab this market. According to Korean press, in [...]

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