mCube Designs World's Most Tiny Accelerometer For Smartphones And Connected Devices-1

A North American company has developed an extremely small sized accelerometer, measuring just 1 mm by 1 mm. This precise, energy-efficient and cost-effective accelerometer could be easily integrated into clothing, sports equipment and Smartphones. The accelerometer is an electronic component that [...]


Sandpiper is a smartphone gadget that can be used in lung monitoring. Sandpiper is designed with the aim to provide an alternative to the spirometer. You just need to plug in the headphone jack and blow on one side of the unit. [...]

Microsoft Wants Its Smartphones To Have A Week Of Battery Autonomy-1

Microsoft researchers are working on a project which aims to ensure a week of battery autonomy for its smartphones. The idea is not to invent a new type of battery, but to optimize the existing technology from hardware and software perspective. [...]

WattUp: Wireless Technology To Recharge Batteries And Devices Remotely-

A startup called Energous has developed a wireless charging technology that is capable of transmitting 10 W power to a distance of 4.5 m, even if the user is moving. It can be used to charge the batteries of smartphones [...]

smart watch

Apple, Google and Samsung are rumored to be in competition to make the next generation of smart watches. However, there is another company, South Koran giant LG electronics that also wants to grab this market. According to Korean press, in [...]

taiwanese transparent phone

The speed with which Taiwan’s technology is progressing is demonstrated by the making of transparent smartphone.  This shows that the time is not too far when you will be holding a transparent smartphone in your hands soon.   Taiwanese company [...]

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