Smartphone App

Confide Lets You Slander Your Boss Safely Without Getting Caught-

Confide can truly be termed as the Snapchat for the office hours. This smartphone app allows you to interact with your colleagues in a confidential manner, the texts will fade in a few seconds. Discover without delay more about this [...]

Thaw: A Revolutionary Smartphone App To Easily Control Your Desktop-

A novel smartphone application  named as Thaw allows you to interact with other computing device just using the touch interface of your smartphone screen. Developed by the Tangible Media Group at MIT, the system allows you to manipulate files and [...]

Gaming Brushes

One of the main issues for parents is the health of their kids and more particularly the dental health. Healthy dental habits are specially very important to have a childhood free of toothaches. On the other hand, kids mostly do [...]

SnapZoom With Binoculars Turn Your Smartphone Into A High Definition Camera-3

If you fancy staring nature’s beauty, you probably would have pair of binoculars to witness the exquisite constellation of stars in the sky, or to see the charm of panoramic views of the land. Moreover, chances are more that you [...]

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