This Amazing Silicone Strap Converts Smartphone Flash To Bedside Lamp-2

Here, we are presenting Travelamp a light weight and cost-effective strap to change your smartphone into a lamp. We know that smartphone’s camera flash does a pretty decent job in the dark. However, owing to its incredible brightness it may [...]

Soon Smartphones Would Be Used To Do Pregnancy Tests-1

A team of researchers at the Hannover university are developing smartphone based diagnostics to monitor diabetes or pregnancy.  They are working on the development of the optical sensor and the related app for this purpose. This inexpensive mobile device can [...]

This Inexpensive Smartphone Gadget Detects AIDS and Syphilis in Just 15 Minutes-

American engineers have developed a small device that plugs into a simple smartphone to detect the presence  of these two sexually transmitted diseases in blood. Some American engineers from Columbia University, New York have developed an inexpensive smartphone accessory that [...]

Prynt An Iphone and Android Case with built-in portable printer-1

Inspired by the old Polaroid technology, Prynt is a case for smartphone with a built in printer that can print the captured photos in 30 seconds. Launched on the crowdfunding platform KickStarter, the project achieved its objective in only thirty minutes. [...]

Dubike: A High-Tech Ecological Bike That Monitor Your Fitness-16

The Chinese Internet giant has developed a connected smart bike that generates its own electricity. The bike is also equipped with smart sensors to measure your physical fitness. So far, connected watches and bracelets have been used for this purpose. Ladies and gentlemen, here is Dubike, the [...]

Amazing iPhone Controlled Bionic Bird Flies By Beating Its Wings-

Have you ever fanatsized flying your own robotic bird using your smartphone? Well, this is now possible thanks to a French aeronautical engineer who has designed the Bionic Bird. This mini-drone has no propeller like most of the drones, rather it beats [...]

20 Day Stranger: Immerse Yourself In Life Of A Stranger For 20 Days-2

For the last many years, social networks have allowed us to interact with lots of people. But imagine this exchange goes a step further. A mobile application allows you to share the life with a stranger at the other end [...]

Chinese City Introduces Separate Sidewalks For Phone Users' Safety-3

Nowadays, in the streets and even on the roads, you meet more and more smartphone users who are too consumed with phones to know where they are going. To prevent falls and collisions, a Chinese city has decided to divide [...]

Samsung's Funny Robot To Test Strength Of Smartphones-

What a better way to test the robustness of the smartphones than by using a butt shaped robot?Samsungs uses this technique to test its Galaxy Note 4... Our mobile phones are very often subject to many different types of stresses like [...]

iPhone 6 Vs Samsung S5: A Comparison Of 25 Important Specs-4

Recently, the launch of apple iPhone 6 has made headlines in the tech industry. The new iPhone model is bigger, faster and thinner, when compared with its predecessors. Here, we are giving a review of major differences and similarities between [...]

AirDroid: Remotely Control Your Android Smartphone Using A PC-1

Using your smartphone at office or at home can lead to missed calls. Also, its a bit hectic process to transfer or read your media files from a PC. One of the solution that exists for the sycnhronisation between android smartphone [...]

Navdy's New Head-up Display Lets Car Drivers Use Smartphone On Windscreen-

The start-up company Navdy is preparing to market a new head-up display that interfaces with an Android or iOS smartphone. It is able to project all the smartphone features and applications on the windshield of a car. The driver can then [...]

A New Tattoo Based Technology To Secure Your iPhone Data-1

To effectively secure your smartphone data in case of loss or theft is rather a complicated task. Researchers have now found a way to make your phone inaccesible when it falls into the wrong hands: a tattoo stuck on your wrist! [...]

Foxconn Will Use 10,000 robots To Assemble iPhone 6-1

Foxconn is currently China's largest employer. It has announced that it will soon use thousands of robots to assemble electronic equipment in in its various plants and then ship it worldwide. Moreover, it will start the process by producing Apple's iPhone 6, [...]

Jotly A smart phone app to comment and share-

Discover a new unusual app coming straight from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Jotly is an application that will allow you to comment, rate and share everything that is around you!  Jotly is a mobile application that should [...]

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