A Futuristic Skateboard That Isn't A Skateboard Anymore-1

When we think of the future skateboard, we are often reminded about the one used by Marty McFly in Back to the Future. The company Hammacher Schlemmer has just come up with an interesting type of skateboard in the form of [...]

Hendo To Market Famous Back To The Future Style Hoverboards By 2015-

It is not yet the famous levitation hoverboard of Back to the Future, but skateboard developped by society Hendo looks like it a lot. Hendo is now seeking funds on crowdfunding site Kickstarter for its commercialization. It can only operate on [...]

Electric skateboard

Adam Riley has made a skateboard that can be folded like a suitcase. Named as the "Caseboard", it can accommodate everything that is necessary for the skateboard including battery and motor. The Caseboard is half its original size when folded and [...]

stuntman's sled

An Australian has developed a sled that can reach the top speed of 311mph as claimed by him. The sled is 3m long and fitted with two jet engines. The current record is 115.83mph which was set by Jason Bradbury in 2011.  [...]

Marble electric skateboard

A Florida-based firm has recently claimed to make the world’s lightest electric vehicle in the form of a skateboard. It only weighs only 4.5kg marble. A very specific carbon fiber in combination with Kevlar is used in its construction to [...]

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