Life is Beautiful: A Tragi-Comedy About A Solitary Man Not Finding His Place In Society-5

Ben, a young art enthusiast, has made a 3D animation video in which he invites us to follow the life of Anton: a little man who could not find his place in society. Check out this short film that deals with [...]

Fresh Guacamole: The Shortest Animated Film Ever To Be Nominated For Oscar-4

Here is the shortest movie ever to be presented at the Oscar 2013! Directed by PES artist, director of experimental video where he explains to us how to make a delicious guacamole. He uses some unusual objects as an ingredient! Remember all [...]

Crazy Furniture: A Short Film About The Secret Life Of Classrom Furniture-

For fun, an artist imagines how would the furniture in a classroom may behave once the school is over. He gives us his vision in a very funny and beautifully crafted video. The least we can say is that these objects know [...]

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