Face Recognition based on Width of Eyes and Position of Driver

With the advancement in technology, cars are equipped with many new features like lane changes, automated parking, red signal avoidance and many more. As the safety comes first so such techniques were introduced to ensure a safe journey. In this [...]

Scientists Study Bee Behaviour By Equipping Them With Electronic Sensors-

Owing to worldwide decline in Bee population, an Australian laboratory has started putting sensors on the back of thousands of bees. This arrangement will help scientists understand their movements and behaviour during pollination. We tell you more about this amazing project! In [...]

iPad Application To Transform Everything Around You Into Video Game-5

The world of tablets and video games has met again. With this highly innovative scanner introduced at CES 2014, the iPad will use augmented reality to transform everything around you into a video game scenario.  The Structure Sensor is a very special [...]

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