With RomoCart, Turn Your Room Into An Augumented reality Video Game-1

What if your room was transformed into a real race track? RomoCart proposes to convert your iPhone into a small robot on wheels, to challenge your roommates in a game that is reminiscent of  Mario Kart. Using projectors you can dynamically generate [...]

Intelleligent Seat Belt Avoids Accidents By Waking Up A Dozing Driver-

While researchers continue to develop all sorts of connected gadgets, there are only a few gadgets that are intended to keep us safe. Never mind!!! Since a Spanish laboratory has developed a smart belt fitted with a sensors to combat driver [...]

Soon A Revolutionary lens Will Enable You To See In The Dark-1

Soon a new revolutionary lens will enable you to even see in the dark. In fact, the researchers have developed a new innovative sensor that can help you see the infrared spectrum which is imperceptible by the naked human eye. [...]

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