Carefree Traveling Through This Ingenious But Simple Security System-3

A team of American researchers has developed a new revolutionary security system. No need to search you at the airport, you can pass the security in seconds! Thanks to the highly sensitive touch sensors, the machine detects the dangerous objects in [...]

BitDefender Shows Smart Watches Can Be Hacked Within A Second-

The security solutions provider BitDefender has shown that it is easy for a hacker to intercept the data exchanges between a smartphone and smartwatch with which it is connected. The weak link is the six-digit supposed to secure Bluetooth pairing between [...]

Micro Tactical Ground Robots Of Israeli Army Explore Tunnels In Gaza-3

The Israeli army is using crawler robots for the exploration of the maze of underground tunnels used by Hamas. By using robots, Israelis reduce the risk of casualties. One objective of the Israeli Army is to destroy all these tunnels built by [...]

A New Tattoo Based Technology To Secure Your iPhone Data-1

To effectively secure your smartphone data in case of loss or theft is rather a complicated task. Researchers have now found a way to make your phone inaccesible when it falls into the wrong hands: a tattoo stuck on your wrist! [...]

Dubai police is now equipped with Google Glass to traffic violators-3

Dubai police is taking extreme measures to penalize drivers who violate traffic laws. They are now equipped with Google Glass technology to identify and track the overspeeding vehicles. We explain to you everything about this police of the future. This week a police [...]

End Of Update To Windows XP Makes 95% of ATMs Worldwide Vulnerable To Piracy -1

Almost 3 million ATM machines worldwide use Windows XP as an operating system. However, Microsoft has announced the end of updates to this operating system. Hence, these machines are at risk of piracy. In fact, the ATM machines being used by [...]

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