sculpture gallery

Anya And Slava Porcelain Monsters 12

Anya and Slava are two artists who make cute little monsters from porcelain. Their attention to the detail is impressive, which gives a beautiful and poetic touch to their work. Discover without further delay these masterpieces that are fragile as well as [...]

Kris Kuksi Surrealist Sculptures From Abandoned Street Artists 2

Finding the abandoned objects in the street and turning them into sublime works of art, is the specialty of a very talented artist. He uses these objects to make impressive sculptures with the depiction of very fine details.  Kris Kuksi is an exceptionally [...]

Molten Porcelain Artwork 9

An artist has reshaped porcelain cups and teapots to give them a molten appearance and all this without damaging or changing the patterns inscribed on them! Discover a collection of strange and fascinating porcelain objects.  Livia Marin, an artist from Chile, [...]

Father Creates Unusual Toy Scenes 2

What to do with your kids' toys when your children are grown up or absent? A father has found the answer: to recreate a series of very funny scenes! Jeff Friesen , is a photographer and a father who had the great [...]

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