sculpture artists

An Artist Creates Amazing Miniature Sculptures Of The Size Of A Sewing Needle Pinhead-19

Some people find it very difficult to pass a thread through the head of a sewing needle pin. Despite of that, an American artist creates surprising microscopic sculptures of the size of the head of the needle. Discover without delay this [...]

Jeffro makes impressive sculptures made only with wood-26

Jeffro Uitto is an artist from the United States, who gives a second life to wood that he found lying around him. Indeed, he has made furniture and sculptures with some of the fantastic looks. Let yourself be seduced by this [...]

Light And Shadow Sculptures 8

Kumi Yamashita is a Japanese artist who uses with perfection the light and shadow to give life to some fascinating objects. With this incredible technique, she plays with the position of the light source to play with the shadow of the objects! The [...]

Kris Kuksi Surrealist Sculptures From Abandoned Street Artists 2

Finding the abandoned objects in the street and turning them into sublime works of art, is the specialty of a very talented artist. He uses these objects to make impressive sculptures with the depiction of very fine details.  Kris Kuksi is an exceptionally [...]

Animal Sculptures Made From Fruits 38

Discover the amazing animal sculptures that are made from fruits and vegetables! They look so real and cute that you would like to eat them over. Some people are vegetarian and they do not eat the animal meat. However, we [...]

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