A French Artist Gives New Life To Industrial Parts As Robots-4

Robots have always fascinated children and adults. A French artist pays tribute to the robots in the most beautiful way in making beautiful robotic sculptures from recycled industrial parts. Long live the robots! Brauer is a French designer who for the last [...]

Gigantic And Realistic Flower Sculptures Made From Glass -19

Jason is a young glass artist, specializing in the production of unique and impressive artworks: he makes surprisingly realistic gigantic glass flowers! We make you discover his beautiful creations.  Jason Gamrath , 27, is an indisputable master of glass sculptures. He makes [...]

An English Gardener Grows A Giant Dragon In His Garden-4

An English gardener had the crazy idea to grow a giant dragon in his garden by trimming hedge! We make you discover his artwork that may well leave you breathless. John Brooker is a 75 years old English gardener living in Norfolk, [...]

20 Incredible Examples Of Food Art by Daryana Ukrainian-18

Daryna posts incredible photographs of culinary art on her instagram account. Whether it is logos made from blueberries or cars and lemon fish, DGS share with you these creations full of imagination that will excite your taste buds. Daryna Kossar is a [...]

10 Unique Sculptures Made Of Delicious Food That Will Make Your Mouth Water-7

Even if their mothers always told them never to play with food, some of these artists have truly created some of the most incredible sculptures from food! We present to you a list of amazing creations that will make your mouth [...]

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