DASH: Cockroach Inspired Robot Can Survive A Fall Of 28 Meters-2

The robot designers of UC Berkeley have been inspired by the robustness of cockroaches and their ability to climb walls, as well as, withstand drops from the heights of more than 28 meters. We tell you more. Unlike the normal people [...]

Scientists Have Finally Managed To Produce Synthetic Spider Silk-3

The spider silk is stronger than steel and just as flexible as rubber. The combination of these two features makes it an important fiber. Recently, a German company has found the secret to make the spider silk synthetically. We tell you [...]

The World's First Artificial Lung: A Major Breakthrough For The Future Of Transplantation-2

The lung transplantation operations have suffered from two major drawbacks: First of all there are not enough donations of lungs, secondly, very often after lung transplantation the immune system of the patient may deem the lung as some foreign body and [...]

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