Build Yourself A Planet Observation Telescope With A Single Camera-1

Did you ever think that it is possible to detect planets outside our solar system using a single camera? Yet an American astronomy enthusiast has shown that it is not necessary to invest all your fortune in an expensive telescope to [...]

Scientists Have Found A Way To Recycle Tires Into Batteries-2

The American researchers have just accomplished the challenge of creating a power source from a used product. They have been able to design batteries using recycled tires. Indeed an awesome scientific discovery! This new scientific discovery by researchers at Oak [...]

Colour Chaser: A Robot That Creates A Melody From Your Drawing-3

Making music has never been so much fun! Thanks to a robot designed by a Japanese designer, you only have to make to a nice drawing and Colour Chaser robot changes the color lines into music. We tell you more about [...]

Researchers Develop An Amazing Plastic That Can Repair Itself-2

Scientists have created a revolutionary plastic material that can regenerate itself when damaged. This innovation can have a vast number of opportunities in many areas of our everyday life. We explain to you everything in detail. Researchers at the University of Illinois have developed [...]

This Amazing Bacteria Feeds Exclusively On Electricity For Its Survival-1

To survive, every living being needs to consume electricity in some form. Humans ingest electrons when they consume sugar. But a type of bacteria named as Mariprofundus ferrooxidans feed directly on electricty from charged electrode. Amazing! Electrons play a vital role in the [...]

World's First Functional Microscope Made Using LEGO Bricks-4

Carl had this wonderful idea of making the children interested in science. He built a microscope using only LEGO bricks. The result is simply amazing as the gadget works just like a small traditional microscope!  Just like a traditional microscope, it [...]

Soon Movements Of Muscles Will Power Heart Pacemakers-

Indeed it is a great step forward for science: South Korean researchers have developed a nanogenerator for powering pacemakers simply by the movement of your muscles. We tells you more about this innovation that could revolutionize the lives of people [...]

Scientists Finally Discover Why Batteries Deteriorate With Time-

The more you charge and discharge the battery of an electronic device, the more it deteriorates. Everyone, knows this fact, however the explanation of this degradation has long remained a mystery. This is no longer the case now, as two joint [...]

ununseptium: Scientists Confirm Existence Of A New Element In Periodic Table-

A team of researchers has confirmed the existence of an entirely new chemical element: ununseptium! It has the distinction of having been totally manufactured by humans. We explain in detail this major scientific breakthrough. The new element has been temporarily give the [...]

Scientists Have Succeeded In Creating Sperm From Human Skin-1

New hope for infertile men. Researchers have managed to create a fertile sperm using human skin cells! We tell you about this incredible scientific breakthrough. In 2012, a team of scientists from the University of Pittsburgh in the United States, discovered that it [...]

3D modeling of human brain activity-1

The brain is probably the most mysterious organ of the the human body. Indeed, despite all the technological advances, the researchers are still very far from having explored many of its secrets. However, scientists have mapped the brain activity of a man to [...]

Scientists Have Finally Managed To Produce Synthetic Spider Silk-3

The spider silk is stronger than steel and just as flexible as rubber. The combination of these two features makes it an important fiber. Recently, a German company has found the secret to make the spider silk synthetically. We tell you [...]

This Membrane Can Make Human Heart Beat Outside Of body-1

Scientists have developed a revolutionary membrane that can enable the heart to beat outside the body. This new and very convenient to use membrane will be big leap forward in scientific development. We explain to you the operation of this membrane. [...]

RoboEarth: Robots Can Now Share Experience And Learn To Do New Tasks-

RoboEarth is European collaborative project where different robots can exchange information and increase their knowledge to do the desired tasks.  RoboEarth is a collaboration between six European research institutes, including the University of Technology Eindhoven, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, the Technical University [...]

Within three years batteries May Be Powered By Sugar-1

It is a high time for our planet, as the scientific and researchers are trying to find non-polluting alternatives to existing sources of energy. A team of researchers has managed to make a battery with a sugar based solution. We [...]

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