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Tehnology To Save Planet: Drones To Be Used For Planting Trees--2

  While humans have ravaged forests for years without worrying about the consequences, it has become essential for the survival of the planet to replant trees worldwide. And for that, why not use drones? Replanting trees and forests is essential [...]

A Designer Fights Pollution By Converting It Into Jewelry-2

Air pollution is responsible for many deaths around the world each year. Daan Roosegaarde is a Dutch designer who has developed a 7 meters high tower that can filter the polluted air and purify it. Its construction will certainly save many [...]

SaveOneLife system: Lemur Studio Fits Shoes With A Mine Detector-1

In warn torn zones, even after the seizures of hostilities, the already deployed landmines continue to threaten the people for a long time. The SaveOneLife project, designed by Lemur Design Studio, incorporates the mine detector in the shoes of people to [...]

University Of Coimbra Makes Landmine-detecting Husky Robot For Safe Minesweeping In War Torn Areas-

Like Chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, known as the weapons of mass destruction, the mines are also one of the biggest threats to humanity. The exact number of landmines deployed around the world is unknown. However, according to an estimate [...]

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