Hands-on Review Of Samsung's Blackberry Like Qwerty Keyboard-5

Although touchscreens seem to be omnipresent in the world of smartphones, we know quite a many people who are still hanging to Blackberry's QWERTY because of the feedback that it gives to your fingers. May be this new attempt from [...]

Samsung's Groundbreaking Robot To Reduce Hull-Cleaning Costs-

People with knowledge of naval and merchant ships know very well that hull cleaning significantly increases the cost of ship building and its operation. In this context, Samsung Heavy Industries has just developed its new revolutionary robot to clean the ship [...]

Samsung's Funny Robot To Test Strength Of Smartphones-

What a better way to test the robustness of the smartphones than by using a butt shaped robot?Samsungs uses this technique to test its Galaxy Note 4... Our mobile phones are very often subject to many different types of stresses like [...]

Inside: A Smartphone App That Uses Built-in Sensors For In-building Navigation-1

Navigation inside the buildings like big shopping malls is difficult as you do not have the access to GPS signals. Solving this problem is an active area of research.  For example, one of the possible solution can be to track [...]

Samsung poster-

Now, it is the time to assess the performance of different smartphone constructors worldwide for the year 2013. The Samsung really leads the way as the firm has sold more smartphones than Apple, BlackBerry and Nokia combined. We present to [...]

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