Cockroach Robot To Save Human Lives In Disasters-1

Would like to entrust a robot cockroach with your life one day? In fact, some scientists believe these biorobots could be very useful during natural disasters. IBionicS laboratory researchers from the University of North Carolina, have transformed real cockroaches into fully functional [...]

Robot Cook-

Whether its hitchhiking on the roads of Canada or participating in the first robotic Olympics to be held in Tokyo in 2020, robots are continuing to invade our daily lives. We will find them working in some of the most [...]

12 Funny Robotic Failures That Will Make You Die Laughing-2

Although the predictions about the future make us to believe that these are robots will one day dominate the world. However, these moving images may reassure you that this may not be the case very soon! We share with you 12 [...]

With The Muscle Memory, Even Kids Can Teach Robots The Use Of Limbs-

Robots are playing a vital role in our daily life from kitchen to gardening and from industry to sports. Robots are controlling the whole factories reducing the need of manpower and making life better. Now, the technology for robots has [...]

20 Iconic Robots That Marked The History Of Cinema (Photo Gallery)-2

The robots are an important part of the cinematic landscape. They have even played the role of a hero or a villain in some films.  We present to you the example of 20 most famous robots from the history of [...]

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