This Revolutionary Exoskeleton Turns Factory Workers Into SUPERHEROES-3

Named as the Robo-Mate, using this technology a worker can lift ten times heavier loads thanks to an exoskeleton that provides metallic support to back, legs and arms. According to the experts this approach is more safe as now workers [...]

This New Japanese hotel Has No Human Staff And No Room Keys-1

Have you ever imagined a a hotel that does not has any staff and no room keys. Well, this idea is a reality now in Japan where a new hotel has opened that only has robots as its staff. This [...]

Toshiba's Revolutionary Scorpion Robot To Explore The Fukushima Reactor-

Increasingly, Robots are being envisaged as solution to reach places which are otherwise inaccessible to the human beings due to safety reasons or lack of accessibility. Fukushima nuclear plant is one such place where the high level of nuclear radiations are deemed lethal for [...]

Industrial Robot

Indeed, the scientific advances we are seeing today are unprecedented in the human history. However, not all these technologies will be implemented in everyday life. To make the life easier for us, the Mckinsey Global Institute in one of its [...]

Amazing iPhone Controlled Bionic Bird Flies By Beating Its Wings-

Have you ever fanatsized flying your own robotic bird using your smartphone? Well, this is now possible thanks to a French aeronautical engineer who has designed the Bionic Bird. This mini-drone has no propeller like most of the drones, rather it beats [...]

Dyson's First Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Looks Like A Spy Robot-1

It seems that the famous British vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson, is about to launch a robotic version of its product. On the first view of the teaser video, it looks like a spy robot due to the presence of onboard [...]

Japanese Scientists Develop A Hybrid Human-Robotic hand With Seven Fingers-1

A team of MIT researchers has designed a hand glove with two robotic fingers. The glove has embedded sensors and associated algorithms to detect finger movements and use them to control robotic finger movements. The idea is to accomplish the [...]

BigDog: The Google's Mule Robot Takes Its First Steps-

No doubt robots have undergone phenomenal development in the past few years. Some people are even skeptic that robots may enslave human beings one day. The latest news in the robotics is the Google's interest in using its robot to [...]

Japanese Consortium i-roobo: 100 Advanced AI robots by 2020-

300 Japanese companies have made i-roobo consortium in Tokyo, on July 1, 2014. The purpose of this new consortium is to make 100 new robots using advanced artificial intelligence techniques by the year 2020. Japan has always been a leader in the [...]

Researchers Develop A Biorobot Powered By An artificial Muscle-2

Researchers at the University of Illinois have developed a biological microrobot, which moves when its muscle are actuated by the electrical impulses. It can be used in many biomedical engineering applications. Professor Rashid Bashir leads a biorobotic research team at Libnah laboratory [...]

Duke: A Robotic Weapon Firing System For Helicopters-3

First of its kind, a 100% robotic and remote weapon firing system for helicopters was unveiled at Eurosatory defense show in Paris. Duke Airborne Systems has developed a compact robotic weapon system designed for the helicopters. Israeli manufacturer claims that its system can [...]

Bionic Drummer Arm: A story that could be related with Def Leppard-1

Richard John Cyril; from English Rock Band Def Leppard, is a prominent Public figure who continued playing Drums after his complete limb amputation by the cause of tragic street-racing accident. A similar story happened in 2012 when a guy named [...]

Future Robots Could Be Powered By Your Own Urine-1

Every day, new robots with really incredible capabilities are being designed by human beings. With this frenetic production of new machines comes the fateful question: how will we make them all work? Researchers have found the solution: use your own urine to [...]

Pneupard: A Quadruped Robot Walks Like A Cheetah Using Artificial Muscles-1

Researchers have developed a robot equipped with a new kind of artificial muscles! Inspired by the movements of cheetah, this robot is capable of moving on a treadmill with great realism. We make you discover this scientific innovation. Named as Pneupard, this robot is [...]

Robot will Study At Japanese Famous Todai Uuniversity-

Students will soon have robots as their class fellows! Researchers have this incredible idea to let a robots sit in the entrance exams at a Japanese university. We explain to you all this. The computer scientists of the Japanese company  Fujitsu Lab have [...]

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