Dexterous Hand: An Ultrasensitive New Robotic Hand With A Sense Of Touch-

Researchers have developed a revolutionary artificial hand! This robotic hand is capable of analyzing the shape of an object to decide the position and strength to seize it. An innovation that can take the robotics to next technological level. This robotic hand [...]

Chocolate Copter: A Geek Makes A Real Drone From Chocolate-2

What if you were served a drone with the tea? This is now possible thanks to a geek who has both a taste for the chocolate and an obsession with drones. Thats why, she has developed a drone made entirely of [...]

Dutch Scientist Create World smallest Minidrone of the size dragonfly-

Dutch scientists have created the world's smallest drone. This incredibly lightweight drone named DelFly weighs only 20 grams and could revolutionize the world of robotics. We make you discover this incredible invention!   The DelFly is the first unmanned mini drone  designed [...]

Scientists Respond To The Threat Of Disappearing Bees By Making Insect Robots For Cross Pollination -3

A team of scientists is working on a prototype artificial brain that simulates the behavior of a bee. This ingenious invention will then be implanted into a small robot to create a synthetic autonomous insect. We explain everything in detail! Two groups [...]

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