Actwait To Save Pedestrian Lives By making Them Play Pong At Crossings-2

We will not lie, waiting to cross a road is never fun and it is often very tempting to rush between cars to save time. Then why not wait and play a video game rather than risk your life to save [...]

An American Couple Builds The Prototype Of Futuristic Intelligent Roads-5

What if the roads of the future were not only environment friendly but also interact and facilitate you in a multitude of ways. Well this is the crazy project that an American couple wishes to carry out. We present to you Solar [...]

ISOSCOPE: Explore Distance You Can Travel In 10 Minutes-

Perhaps stranded in public transport a developer had this brilliant idea: to create the website ISOSCOPE. This is an interactive site to let you know how far you can walk in 10 minutes. A great initiative that does not solve the [...]

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