Mourn Your Lost Loved Ones By Turning Them Into Real Diamonds-3

It is true that our loved ones, even after their death, live forever in our memories. However, in order to keep your lost loved ones closer to your heart, the company Algordanza proposes to transform ashes of your beloved in [...]

Nod-An Electronic Ring To Control All Devices-1

American society Nod Labs is soon launching an electronic ring "Nod" that can control all kinds of devices and gadgets. It works through a Bluetooth connection and a series of sensors that recognize a variety of gestures to control smartphones, tablets, [...]

FingerReader: Revolutionary Ring To Read The Books To The Blind-

A team of researchers has developed a ring-scanner that is able to read any text aloud and it allows blind people to enjoy a book without needing a Braille. We explain how this useful object works!  Although there have been many [...]

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