Now Robots Can Fly By Using The Artificial Muscles-

The Laboratory of Intelligent Systems at EPFL, the LIS, has just released a video called "a flying robot controlled by artificial muscles." This laboratory has been working for several years on the creation of autonomous flying systems. This aircraft comprises of [...]

Boris: A Robot That Can Clear The Table And Fill Dishwater For you-2

The robot that everyone was waiting for has arrived. Boris takes care of one of the most hated of all household tasks. This experimental robot will clear the table and fill the dishwasher for you. This robot is able to fill [...]

Robo Brain: A Robotic Brain That Can Browse Web To Learn New Skills-

A team of American researchers has developed a robotic brain with a huge database on the Internet. It has the unique ability to browse internet, learn new functions and store the required information on internet. Robo Brain can be considered in [...]

Scientists Finally Discover Why Batteries Deteriorate With Time-

The more you charge and discharge the battery of an electronic device, the more it deteriorates. Everyone, knows this fact, however the explanation of this degradation has long remained a mystery. This is no longer the case now, as two joint [...]

Researchers Discover AIDS Blocking Protein In Australian coral-

Researchers say they have discovered an anti-HIV protein that blocks the virus infection. The particularity of this protein is that it is found in some corals of Australia. We explain the details. Researchers from the National Cancer Institute say they have discovered a [...]

Within three years batteries May Be Powered By Sugar-1

It is a high time for our planet, as the scientific and researchers are trying to find non-polluting alternatives to existing sources of energy. A team of researchers has managed to make a battery with a sugar based solution. We [...]

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