renewable energy

Scientists Use Blu-ray Discs To Develop More Efficient Solar Cells-

Indeed a strange discovery by North American university researchers who used Blu-ray Disc to create photovoltaic cells that absorb 22% more light. Explanation: the nanostructure resulting from burning a video is particularly suited to capture photons coming from Sun. The Blu-ray [...]

El Hierro: World's First Island To Use Renewable Energy To Meet All Its Needs-1

Using wind and hydal energy, El Hierro will be the first island to be completely autonomous in terms of its energy needs by the end of the year. We make you discover this incredible story!  We take you to the [...]

A wooden house self-sufficient in energy using solar power

The architecture of our homes is evolving with time to make them more enerrgy efficient. Here we present a house which was constructed in just 5 weeks. The most important feature of this house is the solar panels that are [...]

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