Toyota Robots Assist Paralyzed Patients In The Rehabilitation Of Their Legs-

Toyota shows us the results of its research in the field of medical robotics! The company has developed robots that can effectively support the paralyzed and injured people in their rehabilitation. We explain everything about this fabulous innovation. Toyota became interested in [...]

Scientists Develop A Bionic Hand With A Feeling Of Touch-

We have seen the stuff like Bionic hands in the science fiction movies. However, the difference between the fiction and reality is fast disappearing. Nowadays, Bionic body parts are gaining paramount importance because it is hoped that they can enable [...]

A swimming Pool in the Saudi prison.

A rehabilitation prison has been opened for terrorists in Saudi Arabia. The prison contains a swimming pool, gymnasium, relaxation area, painting workshops and other games. This luxurious rehabilitation program has been designed for Al-Qaeda members who want to repent. This rehabilitation prison named Centre and Supervisory Board of [...]

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