20 Creative Hacks To Give A New Life To Bulky Old Items In Your Home-19

A lot of old objects are thrown into garbage each year. However, it is sometimes possible to remodel old useless objects and turn them into furniture or a designer accessories. We invites you to discover these beautiful creations made from old [...]

Company BlueOak Turns Your Electronic Waste Into solid gold-

While used electronic materials are being crammed into more and more landfills around the world, a company had the unique idea of ​extracting precious metals from this waste. Indeed, a lucrative and environmental friendly initiative. Approximately 50 million tons of [...]

Recycle Plastic Garbage At Your Home Into Everyday Useful Objects-12

If you spend too much time every weekend, emptying your trash bin, a Dutch designer has a solution for you. He has set up a revolutionary project that will allow you to recycle your own plastic waste and turn it into [...]

Forget plastic bottles, You Can Now Drink Water In A Blob-1

In our daily life we see the plastic everywhere and it is polluting our planet. To curb this problem, a team of designers has developed a new way to drink the water. Instead of using the plastic bottle, replace it [...]

Marvelous Metallic Animal Sculptures Made Using Everyday Objects -13

The animal world has always fascinated children as well as adults. Among wildlife enthusiasts, an artist Edouard recycles everyday objects to give birth to beautiful metallic animals that seem larger than life. Discover these pictures! Edouard Martinet is a French sculptor who has [...]

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