AeroMobil 3.0: A Futuristic Flying Cars To Avoid Traffic Jams Unveiled-1

Getting to the next social evening using a flying car is quite an appealing idea, right? This dream could become a reality very soon thanks to AeroMobil 3.0, a vehicle of the future, halfway between the small plane and the sports [...]

People Experience Google Car Without Steering Wheel For The First Time-4

In the recent years, Google has been developing a driverless car. Now in an impressive video, the company has unveiled a new prototype of this car without pedals or steering wheel. We make you discover this car of the future. [...]

DIRISOLAR: A Futuristic Solar Powered Airship For The Family-2

A French company has embarked on a crazy adventure: they acclaim to reinvent the airships using an innovative shape and only using solar energy to power it! We make you discover this futuristic green concept! For years,  Philippe Tixier has been passionate about [...]

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