Ethical Robots That Can Make Decisions And Save Other Robots-1

Robotics is a highly innovative field that is progressing at a breakneck speed. Researchers have now developed a robot with the most cherished attribute of kindness. The result of the experiments is simply impressive. We explain to you everything about [...]

New Breakthrough: First Word Of Dolphin Language Translated By A Computer-2

Have you ever wanted to understand the language of dolphins? Well, it will soon be possible, thanks to a computer program developed by a scientist for over 4 years. For the first time, the device was able to translate a word [...]

Amazing Computer Program Simulates Body Muscle Actions To Learn Walking-6

A group of scientists has developed an amazing computer program that reproduces the bipedal walking by simulating the operation of each muscle!Explanations. A team of scientists from the University of British Columbia (Canada) and the University 'of Utrecht (Netherlands) has developed an amazing computer program with [...]

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