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A Little Girl Becomes The Heroine Of Her Photographer Father In A Series Of Lovely Portraits

Children are often the most photographed members of a family. Their good mood and their recklessness often makes them perfect models for scrapbooks.This Japanese dad captures his daughter through a series of creative photographs.  We present to you a series [...]

Zev Miniaturized Self Auto Portraits 16

Zev is a 14 year old boy who makes fantastic self-portraits in which he miniaturizes himself to the size of a coin. Apart from this miniaturization technique, the most notable thing in his self-portraits is the display of his wonderful imagination [...]


A father of two daughters took an amazing photoshoot of  his girls. The photo shoot is unique and adventerous as most often girls pose in situations that do not happen in day to day life. Some photos give the impression [...]

Four Sister In 1975

People who get photographed regularly can see in their images how their faces change with the progression of life and how dresses and the fashions evolve over time. This wonderful idea was used by the photographer Nicholas Nixon to show [...]

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