Google Glass-

Video analysis softwares and apps can now be used to reveal PIN numbers from videos captured as far as 10 meters. This technique can be applied on videos captured using webcam, Google Glass, Samsung smartwatch and even iPhone 5.   [...]

New App

Imagine you are living the life of someone else in another country with a different culture. Is it possible? Yes! Thanks to a new app developed by the researchers at MIT named 20 Days Stranger, it is now possible to [...]

Invisible: Can This Privacy Spray Help Criminals Clean Traces Of DNA-

Artist Heather Dewey-Hayborg has created magic sprays named 'Invisible' to remove all traces of DNA. Erase spray eliminates 95% DNA traces. While the remaining 0.5% traces are removed using 'Replace' spray. Company BioGenFutures will market the product for $99. Nowadays privacy is one [...]

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