3D Printing Gives A New Life To Turtle Cleopatra-2

Cleopatra is not only the name of the famous queen of Egypt. Rather, it is also the name of the turtle suffering from shell problem. The latter is in fact very fragile and may become infected. A student from the [...]

Enjoy Amazing 3D Printed Bio Food With Herbs And Mushrooms-5

Rutzerveld Chloe loves to eat healthy. When she saw the success of 3D printers in modern times, it seemed logical to  her to use them for creating more balanced and good food for health. She had the bright idea to print a [...]

AGIC-Soon Japanese Technology Will Enable You To Print A Computer On A4 Paper-4

A team of Japanese researchers has developed an ink cartridge with ink having silver particles. Adapted to the conventional printers, it is able to produce electronic circuits using high quality prints on the paper. We tell you all about this amazing [...]

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