80% Americans Will Become Poor

An American Press Agency has just rung the alarm bells! According to the results of a survey, 80% of people in the United States live in poverty. We explain to you this phenomenon in detail. The agency Associated Press has revealed some very [...]

Nagoro: An Unusual Japanese Village Mostly Inhabited By Dolls-

In Japan, there is an intriguing village for all those tourists who are always in search of unusual and strange places. Because it is inhabited by a Japanese woman who is repopulating the village for the last 10 years, using cloth dolls [...]

LifeStraw Can Save Millions Of Lives By Cleaning Dirty Water-4

Millions of people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water.  Hence, a Swiss company has invented a revolutionary tool: a filter straw. With it, one can now even drink unsafe water without worrying about catching diseases. We explain to [...]

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