Police Uses Rifles And Tasers To Approach A Man With iPhone Gun case-

It may look cool to have an iPhone case shaped as a gun but perhaps its not a very good idea as far as the police is concerned. Few days back, a man was roaming on a public beach in Winnipeg, Canada [...]

Telebot: An Amazing Robot To Assist The Policemen On The Ground-3

What if the Robocop became a reality? Telebot is a robot policeman built by Florida International University. It can be controlled remotely and able to perform various tasks such as distributing fines or responding to the emergency calls. We tell you [...]

Paris Police To Experiment With Drones To Combat Crimes-

The Paris Police will soon be experimenting with drones for the surveillance of sensitive areas in the French capital. On the other side of Atlantic, majority of American cities have already acquired many drones for the same purpose. The adoption of [...]

Dubai police is now equipped with Google Glass to traffic violators-3

Dubai police is taking extreme measures to penalize drivers who violate traffic laws. They are now equipped with Google Glass technology to identify and track the overspeeding vehicles. We explain to you everything about this police of the future. This week a police [...]

Police Investigators Will Now Use 3D scanner To Document The Crime Scene-6

American and French police will now use 3D scanners to archive crime scenes and better analyze it afterwards. The technology we see in the police films, will soon be a reality! Some units of U.S. and French Police have started using [...]

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