Researchers Develop An Amazing Plastic That Can Repair Itself-2

Scientists have created a revolutionary plastic material that can regenerate itself when damaged. This innovation can have a vast number of opportunities in many areas of our everyday life. We explain to you everything in detail. Researchers at the University of Illinois have developed [...]

Recycle Plastic Garbage At Your Home Into Everyday Useful Objects-12

If you spend too much time every weekend, emptying your trash bin, a Dutch designer has a solution for you. He has set up a revolutionary project that will allow you to recycle your own plastic waste and turn it into [...]

Surgeons Implant An Entirely 3D Printed Skull -5

The 3D printing had never been previously used in skull surgery. A team of Dutch surgeons has implanted a completely 3D printed skull. The operation lasted for 23 hours and was performed in Netherlands. Discover without delay this awesome work! A [...]

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