Antonov AN-225 world's largest transport aircraft-

The AN-225 is the longest and heaviest aircraft in the world! Originally designed to carry a Soviet space shuttle, it is now able to carry no less than 253 tonnes of cargo on board: a record. We tell you more [...]

Unusual Houses Where You Would Love To Settle-5

Sometimes it just takes a little creativity and a good dose of ingenuity to transform an abandoned place into a lavish home. It may be a bus,a plane or a boat... There's something for everyone. The proof with these 11 unusual [...]

Place Yourself In The Cockpit Of A Fighter Plane Flying Over Japan (Video)-7

Flying a fighter jet is the dream of many children. When we were small it was our dream as well. This video gives you an opportunity to relive this amazing experience near to a real flight, thanks to an onboard camera [...]

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