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Dave Engledow--Father And Daughter Funny

For parents, the birth of their children is always a unique moment. Parents try to immortalize the tender childhood moments of affection and love of their children using eye of the camera. However, for a father Dave Engledow this experience [...]

Beautiful and strange, the monument of Stonehenge offers a spectacle of the most breathtaking sunset

The sunset and the sunrise are the two magical moments of the day. The nature lovers are always on the look for spots to have a perfect view of the sunset. Fortunately, there are many such locations around the world. [...]

The Beauty Of Sea Waves Frozen In time (Credit Pierre Carreau)

The nature is beautiful. Whenever, we want to enjoy the nature we go to places untouched by the human colonisation. We can go to jungles away from hassles of daily life to enjoy the beauty of greenery, fresh air and get [...]

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